Gas and Coal Conversion

Associated Gas poses a serious threat to the surronding enviroment in which it is exposed. This has been an age old problem for the major oil companies, being pressured by federal goverments to find a solution. So far the best solution the oil companies have come up with is Gas flaring.

Gas flaring simply means burning the emitted associated gas during the refining process and is not the best solution as it still poses  a threat and nuisance to the enviroment and surrounding communities.

This is where Gas Conversion comes in. With new technology, the associated gas being flared, can be collected and converted into liquid fuel. This is a seamless process that kills two birds with one stone by dramatically reducing the carbon footprint on the enviroment caused by the oil companies' refining process and also providing more stability to the region by creating jobs and reducing civil unrest.

Coal is another abundant resource, which in World War II was converted by the Germans to liquid crude oil.  This process has been perfected over the years and proves a great altenative energy source and has great potential to yield profitability while leaving little to no carbon footprint during the entire process.


Gas To Liquid (GTL)

Coal To Liquid (CTL)