About Us

We are the future of clean environment friendly energy. We strive to enhance and improve methods of utilizing energy sources through turn key solutions with minimal harm to the environment.


Where We Work

Intenergie is stretegically located in two Continents, North America and Africa. In the U.S and Oil rich Nigeria. We have parnerships with various energy firms relative to the oil and gas industry around the globe. We are always seeking for opportunities to expand to various regions around the world to make more positive impacts using our expertise and at the same time harnessing energy and power from the regions resources while maintaining and improving the surrounding enviroment.


What We Do

Intenergie offers an array of energy related services as we strive to enhance and improve methods of utilizing various energy sources like Coal, Natural Gas, Crude oil, and Solar power. Our Services focus on harnessing these natural sources with as little or no negative impact to the environment. Our focus falls into two categories namely:


Mission Statement

Our mission is to be acknowledged as the number one option within the energy industry, in providing marine transportation and logistic support services, for our clients and investors through new inventive, resourceful, and innovative business solutions. We carry out our client’s objectives with zeal, veracity and professionalism in accordance with all applicable quality, safety and environmental standards.


Goals & Values

Obtaining and maintaining the trust of our clients is an essential goal of this company. We will work closely with our business partners and affiliated companies in order to meet and surpass client requirements. We take pride in aiding our clients achieve their set objectives consistently and cost effectively by providing quality service, personnel and equipment to meet their needs.