Through multiple integrated subsidiaries and partners, Intenergie is able to provide our clients with a full range of construction and maintenance services in-shop as well as out in the field. Intenergie has a keen understanding on what clients want, need and demand when it comes to the fabrication of structures vital to the success of energy exploration and production.


As the energy industry continues to push the envelope of deepwater exploration, we are responding with innovation and state of the art technology to meet the challenges ahead. Intenergie’s intricate partnerships and subsidiaries continue to expand facilities and services to increase fabrication capacity and invest in training and technology to maintain the highest quality and safety in the industry.


  • Topsides
  • Offshore/Inshore Platforms
  • Floating Hulls
  • Rig Repair
  • Complete Piping Systems
  • Blasting and Coating
  • Electrical and Utility Buildings
  • Suction Piles
  • Tugs
  • Subsea Structures
  • Pipe Spooling
  • Deepwater Hulls
  • FPSO Integration
  • Barges
  • Offhsore Coating
  • Refinery Upgrades and Modules, etc.


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